beautiful folding bike

Ride off into the sunset on a beautiful
Italian folding bike

The Perfect Piece, store front.

The last remaining true, all vintage shop on Abbot Kinney. Known for having unusual, one of a kind pieces for home, office or out door decorating.


We supply unique, interesting gifts, personal accessories, furnishings & decorating pieces for your home, office , garden. & photo shoots.

Some people call us an Antique store, but we prefer to call ourselves a Vintage store. Our focus is on The Machine Age, generally between the world wars, often called The Industrial Era. We do spill over into pre turn of the century, and post WWII pieces if they have exceptional design.

Lately musical instruments and vintage vinyl has been getting more space here. Our inventory has been described as Americana, classic, Urban frag... architectural, The Rube Goldberg look, Machine Age, the Zen look, manly, functionality, High-tech, Low-tech, industrial, & steampunk.


Unlike some of the 'big boys' with multiple locations, we don't go to specialty vintage stores & photo/purchase original items only to have knock-offs (fakes) made in China. Everything in our store is the real deal.

We sell the treasures we find, we don't order them out of a catalog. So, please no photography in the store.

Most of our pieces are one of a kind, individually sought out & restored at great time and expense on our part. We do occasionally take items on consignment if they fit the flavor of the store.

The upside is, you never know what interesting & unusual things you'll find. Check in often, we're always getting new inventory. Feel free to ask, if you don’t see what you are looking for as we have a huge off-site inventory. Visiting The Perfect Piece can be a fun adventure.

The downside is our inventory is often irreplaceable ... So if you see something you like, you need to get it when you see it, cause once it's gone, it's gone!