Independent 3rd party evaluations & no hidden agenda.

We now offer you the benefits of our 20+ years of dual careers In Real Estate and Estate Liquidations.

We do consulting, value assesment, and provide options & referrals for dealing with or dispossing of Personal Property and Real Estate.

Personal Property Evaluations:

For families and all senior care professionals. If you have ever dealt with the overwhelming task of dealing with and/or disposing of an elderly or deceased person's personal property, you know there are a lot of difficult decisions to be made.

What's worth keeping, what's worth spending the time to research the value of?

What is worth sending to Auction?

What would be the best auction house for which item?

What items are better sold off at an Estate Sale?

What sort of things are really better to just donate?

It seems that people who are emotionally involved usually make the worst decisions. This is due to lack of knowledge, or the desire to 'get it over with'. Often these decisons are looked back on with regret for years.

Real Estate Evaluation and Options

We have extensive experience in Real Estate Acquisitions, with an especially heavy emphasis in buying / selling and rehabilitating distressed properties. With an intimate knowledge of what property improvements give the most return regarding resale values (and which are a waste of time and money). We can, very accurately pinpoint the high/low value of a given property. The importance of this is knowing how much, or how much not to spend on any property improvements. We can also give you recommendations as to the best way to dispose of / sell your property.

We have no hidden agenda, we don't want your Real Estate listing, we don't want to be your general contractor.